The Pink Physique - Macon's Premier Women's Fitness Center

Boot Camp

With early morning and late afternoon sessions we can accommodate the busiest schedules.  Our boot camps are designed to get you twice the results in half the time!  They are ONLY 30 MINUTES!  Available for ALL FITNESS LEVELS.


The Pink Physique - Personal TrainingPersonal Training

This is the best program for personalized attention. Our certified trainers design a routine that is customized for you. They keep you in mind and their goal is your goal...whether it's having fun, feeling better, getting stronger, gaining energy, or losing weight.

If you are interested in a Personal Training Consultation you may click Contact Us.  Fill out the online information form and we will follow-up to find out if you are a good fit for our program.


Group Fitness Classes

Crazy Cardio (30 Min)

Get 30 minutes of heart pumpin' cardio along with a warm up and cool down in this EXPRESS class!


Pink Punch (Boxing)

Gloves required. Sweat out the stress! Step up your cardio workout in this boxing class that will sculpt and tone your entire body. Everlast bags are used during class.


Boot Camp

The exercise and practice to build the body up for improved physical performance. This exercise will get your body in top notch condition for any physical activity!

Pink Latin (Zumba)

It’s an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party! This class is high-energy and guaranteed to get you moving and burning calories!


Team Training

Intense group training for an extra kick in your week! Open to training clients. Registration Required.

Cardio Step


This addictive type of exercise training gives you a cardio workout with explosive movements on the step, guaranteed to get your heart pumping!


Cardio Blast

Be ready for anything. Intense and FUN!!! Burn lots of fat and calories. This class keeps you guessing.


Tush & Tummy

Make the most of your time in this intense, total body sculpting class that squeezes a 60-minute workout in 30. You’ll improve your balance, stability and power, and, of course, strengthen your core.


Butz & Gutz

Hit the ground for this intense lower body workout that uses a million different positions and exercises to target muscles you didn’t even know you had.





Cardio Step 9:30am
Tush & Tummy 10:00am
"Step It Up" Pink Punch 6:30pm
Butz & Gutz 7:00pm




Pink Punch (Boxing) 9:30am
Zumba 6:30pm



Cardio Step (30 Min) 9:30am
Tush & Tummy 10:00am
Pink & Lean 6:30pm




Yoga 9:30am
Zumba 6:30pm